2013/4 MWCC Budget

Each year, the Board proposes a budget for the Club partly based on the past year’s expenditure and also on the foreseen demands for the coming year. The draft budget is presented to the membership in September, and after debate and necessary changes, is approved by a vote of the membership.

The Board would like to propose adoption of the budget pasted below:

The main points to note are:

1. We recognize payments to both workshops and the annual banquet as income, and the cost of those events as expenses. There is an assumption that the club subsidizes some paid workshops for members.

2. We did not lease storage space last year and experienced some difficulties and “close-run” issues as a result. The Board has researched smaller storage areas and firmly believes that storage should be leased to ensure we have equipment available for meetings and events – this is budgeted at $500 for the year.

3. We do not foresee much need for incremental equipment purchases this year,  having refreshed the projector and laptop recently.

If you are a paid-up member for 2013/4 (you can sign up for 2013/4 here) you can add comments and discussion points here. All current 2012/3 members can also raise questions at our meeting on 5 September and we plan to vote at the meeting on 19 September.

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