Advanced Photoshop Workshop – January 24th

On Saturday January 24th we are holding an Advanced Photoshop Workshop to be led by Mark Gilvey. The price for members is $35, and you can reserve your place and pay for the workshop here. The workshop will be built around demonstrating how to work on images to improve the final result, and so Mark needs your images in advance to prepare for the session. This is what he says about it (see this site for more details)

“Master landscape photographer, Ansel Adams used to speak about the need for pre-visualization—seeing in your minds eye what the image will look like when printed before you click the shutter release. Sometimes it’s not about the moment that was captured but rather what we envisioned the moment as. If your vision is what you want the viewer to see then you need to expand your skills beyond staying true to the  scene and the moment of capture. My Advanced Photoshop is a workshop designed to do just that.

In this class you will learn :

  • Techniques on how to guide your viewers eye where you want it to go
  • Several masking techniques
  • Working with Curves
  • Local adjustments
  • Keeping things RAW as long as possible
  • What are Smart Objects and how you can use them