City of Fairfax Art Exhibition

You Are Cordially Invited To Submit Your Artwork For A City Of Fairfax
 Spotlight Celebration

Celebrate The Season Of Art!


This special judged art exhibition will tentatively open on Thursday, October 31, 2013. Artists from across Fairfax and Northern Virginia will be invited to share their creative and contemporary efforts, while competing with a variety of honors that will be awarded by the City of Fairfax. The public will be invited to a free opening wine and cheese reception and concert on Friday, November 15 from 7 to 9 PM. The very respected local group, Síor-Óg, will perform 17th and 18th century Celtic Baroque music.  This event will be perfect for the entire family!


Celebrate The Season Of Art! — Awards:

We will have two categories with 10 awards. One award category will be for all paintings, drawings, serigraphs, lithographs and multi-media. The second award category will be for fine art photography. There will be 2 Honorable Mentions awarded per category.

o    First Place — $100 Each & A Celebrating The Season Of Art Certificate Of Award & Ribbon

o    Second Place — $50 Each & A Celebrating The Season Of Art Certificate Of Award & Ribbon

o    Third Place — $25 Each & A Celebrating The Season Of Art Certificate Of Award & Ribbon

o    Honorable Mentions – Celebrating The Season Of Art — A Certificate Of Award & Ribbon


Art Judging:

All potential artwork submissions must come to the attention of Larry Oskin at You may submit up to three pieces per artist, with low resolution images and the attached application. Oskin and a team of artists will pre-judge and qualify all entries, accepting the best artwork for this show. Ms. Joanna M. Ormesher, City of Fairfax Marketing Director will be responsible make the decision on all final pieces as well as to judge this show for the awards and honors.


Schedule Of Art Show Events:

  • ·         Art Submissions: All potential artwork submissions must be sent by email to Larry Oskin as noted above no later than Friday, October 1, 2013.
  • ·         Accepted Artwork: Artists will be notified of their acceptances by Sunday October 20, 2013 via email.
  • ·         Artwork Delivery and ‘Hanging Day’: Wednesday, October 30, 2013 from 4 to 6 PM.
  • ·         Opening Art Reception, Award Presentation & Concert: Friday, November 15, 2013 7 to 9 PM.
  • ·         Pickup after the November / December Celebrate The Season Of Art! Show: Thursday, January 2 from 4 to 6 PM.


Advantages, Eligibility & Entry Guidelines:

  • ·         Sherwood Center: This exciting art venue will be open to the Fairfax community 7 days a week with very nice traffic.
  • ·         There will be no registration or hanging fees.
  • ·         Art Theme:  We are searching for VERY BIG, COLORFUL, BOLD & BRIGHT ARTWORK!!!
  • ·         Art Submission Guidelines: We will hang about 70 pieces of original artwork in this show. You are invited to share up to 3 art submissions. Artwork must be at least 16” x 20” or larger. All artwork submissions will need to have proper hanging wires on the back. Only art that will safely hang on a wall with wires will be acceptable. We will create the Art Title & Price Cards that will need to be attached to the bottom of each artwork frame as they cannot be attached to the Sherwood Center walls.
    • ·         Original Artwork: As approved for the Sherwood Center, we will accept all original artwork, inclusive of all original limited edition signed and numbered artwork. Original artwork may be a single limited edition painting, drawing, lithograph, serigraph, photograph or sculpture to hang on a wall. Original limited edition fine art that is signed and numbered, will be acceptable as original art. We will not accept any unlimited edition lithography, serigraphy or photography. There is no age limit for artists.
    • ·          Art Sales: The sales and commissions will be handled by the City Of Fairfax. They will take a 30% sales commission. If any of your artwork is sold, you will need to be ready to quickly replace that artwork with another piece of artwork within 24 to 48 hours.  “All artwork submissions must be available for sale.” Artwork must be available to hang during the entire duration of this show. You will be responsible to pay any applicable taxes on art sales.
    • ·         City Of Fairfax Agreement: All artists will be required to sign a City Of Fairfax Art Agreement when dropping off artwork.
    • ·         Sherwood Gallery Guidelines:  To meet the requirements of the City Manager, City Council and everyone involved, Joanna Ormesher will act as our final authority for all artwork proposed for hanging in the Sherwood Center, while she will have veto power to reject anything she does not deem appropriate.
    • ·         Shared Responsibilities: The City of Fairfax will use reasonable care in handling and displaying artwork. They will not be responsible for any loss, theft or damage to artwork on display for this art show.
    • ·         Hanging Committee Needed: We will need some volunteers, to help us hang this art show. Let us know if you can help!
  • Location: The Sherwood Center, 3740 Old Lee Highway, Fairfax, VA 22030



Larry H. Oskin

Fairfax Art League

Art Beautique, Inc. / Marketing Solutions, Inc.

10875 Main Street ~ Suite 205

Fairfax, VA 22030    USA

PHN:    703-359-6000   EXT: 22       FAX: 703-934-5490