Club Project – 2013/2014

The Club Project for 2013/4 is aimed at giving back to the community. We know that restful nature images are very helpful in hospitals and clinics, and so we are looking to provide a range of printed and matted images to Dewitt Health Systems to display in their Dumfries clinic which meets the needs of retired and active duty service members. Sue McPherson works there and they have recently moved to a new clinic and the walls are somewhat bare.

We will submit digital images of nature (landscape and animal) and patriotic themes in color and black and white. Remember that the theme should be upbeat, so perhaps images of graveyards would not be ideal. Our plan is to provide these as digital images to the clinic by the end of March 2014, for their review. The clinic will identify those that they think would fit in the space, and suggest a matted size. The submitter needs to be willing to print and mat any selected images – most probably between 16 x 20 up to 24 x 36 inches, although depending on the image, a panoramic format may also fit. We know that many people have not printed at that size and so during March/April, we will hold a matting workshop where you can bring your prints (perhaps printed at Costco?) and we will be able to help you cut mats and stick it together. The clinic will frame and hang them and will also organize an open day/evening so that we, as a club, can see the final treatment and positions of our images. We will also organize a digital presentation of the selected images in our May meeting with commentary from the author (if they wish) on what appealed to them about the image.

There are no limits on the number of images that should be submitted, but please bear in mind the cost if your images are selected.

More details to come about how to submit the images during March, but, for now, get shooting (or selecting) those great photos.

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