Competitions – Online Only

September 2020 to January 2021 competition meetings will be online only and we will only have the Digital competition – no entries for prints.
Everyone will only be able to submit two images. If we resume in-person meetings in February, we can start the print competitions then. We will adjust the competition guidelines for the year for the Print competition if we need to.
Remember to join the club before 30 September so that you can compete in the October competition.
We will schedule review ZOOM meetings once judging is complete.

The Club holds monthly competitions throughout the club year – the first being in September. Generally, the Competition night is the third Thursday of the month, and members can enter up to four images in total into the three categories – Color Prints, Black and White Prints and Digital – subject to a maximum of two entries in any one category. Each month’s competition has a theme and we invite an experienced judge to comment and score each image during the evening.

If you are an MWCC Club Member* and wish to compete in the monthly photographic competitions, please go to the competition website and request an account. All members will be entered in the NOVICE competition category unless you notify the Vice President for Competitions that you wish to advance to a different category. * Only members in good standing are authorized to compete.

The competition themes for the 2020/2021 Club year are:   (select the image to view it larger)

The competition themes for the 2021/2022 Club year are:   (select the image to view it larger)

The competition themes for the 2022/2023 Club year are:   (select the image to view it larger)

All members in good standing are authorized to enter the competitions. We maintain a specially designed site for managing competition entries. Simply click the button below to enter new images and manage your submissions:

MWCC Competition Site
Competition Site

For reference, here is a summary of what you need to know about entering competitions – the full rules are published in the Club Handbook – the competition section of which is available here: MWCC Competition Rules:

  • Prints: You MUST submit a digital copy of your print no later than midnight on the Monday preceding the competition (this is a change from the previous year!). Bring your matted prints to the competition. Any print (digital copy) not submitted to the competition website, will not be qualified for the competition and any score will not be recorded. You will record each entry with maker name and title on the appropriate entry form depending on the type of print (B&W or Color) and your competition class (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced). Prints should have the longest visible edge of the image between 6 and 16 inches and the mat should not exceed 20 inches on the longest side. Panoramic prints shall be matted to not exceed 12 inches on the shortest side and 40 inches on the longest side. Please see the handbook for full rules.
  • Digital Entries: Please submit your digital entries to the competition website, with maximum dimensions of 1400 x 1050 pixels, before midnight on the Monday prior to the competition.

Finally, for reference, here is the summary of themes we have used historically:

MWCC Competition Themes for 2019-2020-2021

MWCC HISTORICAL LISTING OF THEMES 2009-2019 Competition Themes
MWCC HISTORICAL LISTING OF THEMES 2009-2019 Competition Themes