Holiday Meeting Gift Exchange

This year we plan to repeat the approach we tried last year for the Holiday party/meeting on December 19th (at the Police Station in Manassas)

We will have a social to start, with snacks and soft drinks. Then we will organize a gift exchange. The gifts should be photography related, can be something you have bought specially, or have and wish to donate, and there is no specific value in mind. Try to think of something that someone “might” want to use, although the fun items make for an interesting evening as well. I still have some lovely inks for hand spotting photographic prints…

The rules for the Gift Exchange:

Finally, for the gift exchange – here are the rules:


1. Each participant supplies one wrapped gift and selects a numbered ticket by drawing from a hat. This number determines in what order they will take turns choosing gifts.

2. People take turns according to their number. The first person can only choose a gift from the table, they open the gift so everyone can see what it is, and then destroy their ticket.

3. The next person (ticket 2) gets the choice of “stealing” any unwrapped item or choosing a wrapped one from the gift pile. If the second person steals the gift from the first person, then the first person is given the number ticket of the one who took the gift from them – in that way, they will get another go later in the game. If a person takes an unwrapped gift, their number is destroyed.

4. On the third person’s turn they can then steal an unwrapped item or choose a wrapped one and the game continues like that until everyone has had one turn. At the end of that first round, people will either have a gift or a ticket.

5. Round two starts with the lowest number remaining ticket. Again, they can choose from the gift table or take an already opened item. Same rules – if they choose from the table, the ticket is destroyed, if they take an opened gift, the other person gets the ticket.

6. We continue like this until everyone has a gift and there are no more remaining tickets.

7. Finally, to avoid this going on forever, no gift can be stolen more than 3 times. This means that it was originally opened, stolen by player 1, stolen by player 2 from player 1, the finally player 3 takes from player 2 and keeps it. It can’t be taken again.

If anyone thinks we need any further rules to clarify or make it more fun, please let me know.