James R.M. Spor Memorial Award

Each year, the club considers nominations for the James Spor Memorial award, which is presented to a member (or members) of the club who have given outstanding spirit and dedication in the past year. The full details are pasted in below, but we are now seeking the input of Club members to this important award. Nominations must be received no later than May 15, 2014, the last regularly scheduled business meeting of the year. The recipient will be announced at the year-end awards night on June 5, 2014. Nominations may be made by any MWCC member except those on the selection committee. These nominations are collected by last year’s winner and this year’s chairman of the Jim Spor awards committee, Dan Jenkins (jenkinsda @ verizon.net) and reviewed by the committee for selection to determine the winner.

Please get your nominations to Dan as soon as possible.

The James R.M. Spor Memorial Award

The James R. M. Spor Memorial Award is given to a member or members of the club that have given outstanding spirit and dedication in the last year. This is the most prestigious award given by the club and it’s named in honor of the club’s founder and first president Jim Spor. The recipient is chosen from nominations made by MWCC members and it’s time to start thinking about who you think is the most qualified individual.

As an additional aid in understanding the reason for the award you might like to know a little bit about the history of the club and its founder. James (Jim) Russell Meyers Spor established the Manassas Warrenton Camera Club in September of 1985. He served as the club president for three years. He devoted countless hours toward skillfully and lovingly nurturing the club through its early years. He constantly refined his vision of the club as he learned new ways to promote photography and as he solicited fellow photographers to help him in achieving his goal of a first class camera club in Northern Virginia. He considered himself a novice photographer during the early years of the club, however he was a quick study and became a major contender on competition nights. He was a gentle man, never seeking personal recognition for his work with the club. His reward was handing out a ribbon to a first time winner on competition night or introducing a new member to the club and seeing it grow. He did not realize that he was gifted with organizational skills that many of us were envious of. While he was a family man, devoted to his wife and children, he considered the camera club members his extended family and our mentor.

Sadly on October 1, 1994, at the age of 50 years, Jim fell victim to a heart attack. Hence the memorial award was established in 1995 to honor Jim for his unlimited devotion to providing a forum where fellow photographers, regardless of their skill, could meet and share their skill and photographic experiences. His helping hands and willingness to help other photographers became the launching pad for our success. He would be very pleased to see how the club has grown and what talent it has nurtured.

The Jim Spor Award is the highest club award given to a member (or members) of the camera club who best exemplify the spirit and dedication of our founder to the principles and goals of the Manassas-Warrenton Camera Club. This award brings to the attention of the MWCC members the many hours of volunteer work and contributions provided by the recipient. Nominations should include the following Rationale for Nomination – Time period of support and/or contribution.