The Great Falls Race at Great Falls

The Great Falls race line this year will be decided as it has in the past by the water height at the Falls on race day. Check on the race’s Facebook site a few days before for the 2019 race date of August 17 to learn what race line is being used.

The Virginia side Great Falls National park has the best vantage point for all but the Fishladder line. That line is best viewed from the Maryland side of Great Falls National Park from the Olmsted trail bridge.

Arriving an hour and a half earlier than the 10 AM start time will allow you to pick a spot you are comfortable with to shoot the race. Water levels on this day will determine what the race course line will be through the falls. I would recommend a 70-200 zoom or a 100-400 zoom to capture the action of the kayakers as they navigate the rapids of Great Falls.

Participating meet-up members are free to find the best spot for them to capture the action Again the race starts at 10 am but plan to be there earlier to find your shooting spot before the race.

This is a National Park so there is an entrance fee of $15.00 per vehicle if you do not already have a pass. Car pooling could of course allow you to divide this fee among the riders in the vehicle and reduce the cost for each person.

Meadowlark Botanical Garden Morning Photoshoot

MWCC Photographers have an opportunity to photograph at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens starting at 6:00 a.m. on Saturday,September 14 (The Gardens regularly open at 10 a.m.) The possible rain chances on Saturday morning can provide some unique and interesting photo opportunities. The recommendation is to bring rain gear for you and your camera along with tripods, macro and wide angle lenses to capture flowers with potential rain drops. This is a self guided photo opportunity. There is a entrance fee and if you indicate that you are with a photo meetup group there may be a discounted rate. $4.00 for 54 and under and $1.50 for 55+ in age.

Lily Ponds Live & Twilight Tour

Join us for Park After Dark this Saturday, August 10!
Some members of the club will be attending this event from 7pm-9pm, let us know if you are able to join us and apologies for the late notice.

From the Kenilworth Gardens FB page.
You may have seen some of our tropical water lilies blooming in the gardens—they’re hard to miss with their brilliant colors and patterned lily pads! But did you know that many of our tropical plants are night-blooming?
Because of our normal operating hours, most of our night-blooming lilies go unseen throughout the year. However, our hours will be extended until 9pm this Saturday for a one-day special event showcasing our night-blooming lilies! Come out and enjoy the park after dark!

MWCC Workshop – Equipment Review and Manual Shooting Practice

MWCC Workshop – Equipment Review and Manual Shooting Practice

Instructor: Jerry Koons and TBD

This workshop will consist of two parts. In the first part, we will review the basic equipment that a photographer typically carries in the camera bag as well as other gear that may be very useful for special situations.

The second part will be a hands-on activity to practice shooting in manual mode. We will have a couple of props and participants will have the opportunity to take photographs using full manual mode (M). Please bring a camera and tripod (and external shutter release if you have one).

This workshop is open to all club members but instruction will be designed at the novice level.

Date: Saturday, September 21st, 9:00 am to 12:00 noon.

Location: Brookside Community Clubhouse, 7197 Riley Rd, Warrenton VA.

MWCC September 5th Program Night with Jack Nevitt

Please join us for the September Program Night where our own Jack Nevitt will present “Iceland – The Land of Fire and Ice”.

Iceland is know to all as a photographer’s paradise. We will venture to the east coast to see the capital Reykjavik, a national park and the highlands. Along the southern coast we will see waterfalls, Iceland ponies, iconic churches and the northern lights. If you have been to Iceland, please bring your knowledge of photographing Iceland so you can add to the discussion and Q&A that will accompany Jack’s presentation.

Jack has a passion for photography that goes back to purchasing his first camera in 1969.
He is a retired government worker and has been a club member since 1999. He was our trip leader, which led to starting a photo safari business, Virginia Photo Safaris, after retirement. Jack is a stock photographer and has displayed his work in galleries in Occoquan, Leesburg, Round Hill and is currently in the Artists in Middleburg gallery.

MWCC Summer Get Together

Dear MWCC members

Our summer meeting is usual a low key get together.

Please feel free to bring some pictures on a flash drive to talk about and others can offer creative critique.

Perhaps you have gone somewhere different and want to share your pictures.

Any new bits of kit that you have tried, bring them along with some of your pictures.

Hope to see you there.