Mess With Macro Workshop

Want to learn more about macro photography and have the opportunity to Mess With Macro with fellow club members – then this workshop is for you.
A brief overview of macro and techniques then the opportunity to experiment with various subjects and techniques.
Bring your camera and your enthusiasm. Strictly restricted numbers and only open to paid-up members.

B&O Railroad Museum

Meetup Time: 8:00 AM
B&O Railroad Museum, 901 W Pratt St, Baltimore, MD 21223

B&O Railroad Museum, 901 W Pratt St, Baltimore, MD 21223
Email if you want to carpool and tell me if you are driving or riding and from what location. Ensure that you RSVP as well.
2-3 hrs of photography at the B&O Railroad Museum.
Return home around 5/6PM

Matt Cutting Workshop

We will be doing a quick Mat Cutting Workshop at the Bull Run Library from 1 PM – 3 PM Saturday, October 14, 2017. This workshop was initially put together to help club members who wanted to learn how to cut mats for their Nature Vision images. These individuals should bring the necessary mat and foam board for at least one image (if time permits more can be done), We need to ensure that we have enough time for everyone who needs to learn how to mat a Nature Vision image, has a hands-on opportunity to do so in the two hours allotted for the workshop. We will be meeting in Room A.

We will need to monitor the total number of participants to make sure we do not become over crowded. We may need to limit the total number of participants depending on the response.

Always like to provide workshop participants with information on any workshop subject prior to the workshop so they can hit the ground running. Please take a look  at this a quick video on matting that covers the basics that is concise as well as short:

Huntley Meadows Park Morning Shoot

If you are interested in having an opportunity to shoot wetland wildlife and some beginning fall color in morning light then join us at Huntley Meadows Park located in Fairfax County Virginia.

Your photography subject interest would dictate the lenses you should bring. Wildlife subjects could include birds, muskrats, beavers, deer, raccoons, and turtles. Great Blue Herons, Great White Egrets, Yellow Bellied Sapsucker, Yellow-Rump Warblers, Eastern PeWee and Kingfishers are some of the birds I have recently seen here. There are some flowers still that draw butterflies and insects.
-Macro lenses for plants, dragonflies and butterflies.
-Long lenses for wildlife, the longer the better but wildlife is often close when walking on the wetland boardwalk so a 70-200 could work. I however recommend bringing a 300 or longer lens if you have one. A tripod is also an excellent tool to achieve sharp images.

We will meet at the beginning of the paved path by the parking lot at 7:00 am. I may need to leave a little early to get ready for an afternoon workshop.

New Member Orientation

The Manassas Warrenton Camera Club (MWCC) is a vibrant community of photographers in the Northern Virginia Area (NOVA).

Our Club Motto:  Have fun – Take Pictures!

The purpose of our club is to:
– Educate members in technical & other aspects of photography
– Develop skills of our members
– Foster public awareness of photography
– Promote the art of photography in the community

During this New Member Orientation we will cover all aspects of the club including:

•  Contact MWCC

•  Club History

• Documentation

• Handbook and Constitution

• Rules of Competition 

• Listing of past competition themes

• Nature Vision

• Workshops

• Field Trips

Early Morning Photo Shoot and Meadowlark Botanical Gardens

A special 6:00 AM opening time is happening on September 23, 2017 for the public and is the last one happening this year. Meetup members can take advantage of a great early morning photographic opportunity (The Gardens normally open at 10:00 a.m.) at this beautiful botanical garden
Parking is free but there is a regular admission cost of $5.00 or $2.50 for seniors (55 +) and is payed when going through the entrance building. I did send a request for a reduce rate and although I did not receive a reply this time it is likely if you let the cashier know you are part of a meetup group you will pay half the normal rate. This is a self directed photo opportunity based on your subject interest. Birds, flowers, landscapes and several ponds provide plenty of photo opportunities.
Tripods, macro lens or longer bird/wildlife lenses are some of the equipment you can bring depending on what you want to shoot.
We could also plan to do breakfast at an area restaurant such as Amphora in the town of Vienna after the shoot for those who are inclined.
Website for the Meadowlark Botanical Gardens:

Exposure Triangle and more Workshop

Come join us for the first Workshop of the MWCC year, location TBD.  We will spend the first hour going over the basics of ISO, Aperture and Shutter and then work through camera controls (shooting modes, ISO settings, focus settings and white balance)  Gene will help with Nikon equipment and Roger with Cannon equipment and we will figure it out for other cameras.

Photograph Wreath Laying at Wreaths Across America @ Arlington National Cemetery

Join us on National Wreaths Across America Day – December 16, 2017

Each December on National Wreaths Across America Day, our mission to Remember, Honor and Teach is carried out by coordinating wreath-laying ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery, as well as over 1,200 additional locations in all 50 U.S. states, at sea, and abroad.

Ceremony On: 12/16/17 

Ceremony At: 9:30 am

Address: Arlington National Cemetery, 1 Memorial Ave, Fort Myer, VA 22211

Parking Instructions

Parking at Arlington National Cemetery on Wreath Day will be VERY RESTRICTIVE. Parking at the ANC Welcome Center Garage will be available ONLY to those with ANC Family Passes and/or valid Handicap Permits.  Keep checking for additional details later in the year.  We suggest volunteers to utilize the Metro Rail System to get to the Cemetery.

Again for the safety of all involved, parking at the ANC Welcome Center Main Gate Parking Facility will be very restricted. ANC officials have advised that the ANC Welcome Center parking garage will only be for individual vehicles with an authorized ANC Family Pass and vehicles with valid Handicap Permits.  Those with Handicap Permits will later be directed out into the Cemetery itself through the Administration Building gate to park in the Administrative Parking lot adjacent to Section 54, which is a more level section of grave sites within the cemetery more suited for individuals with mobility restrictions.

No private vehicles will be allowed to enter the Cemetery grounds until after 3:00pm on Wreath Day. There will be no General Public parking at the Welcome Center until after 2:00pm on Wreath Day.  There will be Bus parking available in the Welcome Center garage for 33 buses.

Due to the limited and restricted parking requirements, we encourage volunteers to park elsewhere and use the Blue Line Metro Rail system to the Arlington Cemetery Station stop.

Wayne Hanson
Arlington Wreath Project Coordinator