New Website is Live

If you have reached this point, you already know that the new website is up and running. We had quite a discussion about it at the Summer meeting, and I thought I would just add a couple of notes here for new visitors.

First – sign ups. You will see that you can’t add a comment (to this post) or add new topic or comment in the forum without signing in, and there is no way to register! This is deliberate – partly to stop Spam, and partly to help us manage the transition to the new site. All paid up club members will be assigned user names and passwords (multiple ones for Family Members) and so we are issuing those as people sign up for 2013/4. No need to wait – just use a credit card on our secure membership page.

Transition to the new forum. In the light of the above, we will not formally transition to the new forum on this site until mid September. That will give people plenty of time to sign up online or via cash/check at our September meeting.

Finally – if you see anything that is wrong, or you have an idea for content we are missing, please let me know (or sign up and then add a comment to this post!)

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