Volunteers Still Needed

Yes, believe it or not, we still have vacancies for important roles for the coming year.

We need two people to share the Equipment Manager role. Ideally, they need access to a van or truck, but the role is simply to bring the necessary equipment along to club meetings – the screen and amplifier for program meetings and the screen, table and print display stands to the competition nights.

The club will organize some storage close to the center of Manassas, so there is no need to store equipment at home.

With two people, the workload can be shared and cover provided for vacations etc.

Don’t forget that we also need a Workshop organizer – we are doing our best to come up with workshops, but having a dedicated volunteer makes it all so much smoother. Please think carefully about how you can help the club thrive!

A low pressure way to contribute to the success of our club.

Please email the President or VP (emails in the About MWCC Section)

EDIT: added 8/17. We have our first volunteer for one of these role – Craig Shier has kindly volunteered to be a joint equipment manager. Please think about helping him to make this an easy task by volunteering for that second position!

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