Club History

James (Jim) Russel Meyers Spor established the Manassas Warrenton Camera Club in September of 1985 and served as club president for the first three years. Jim devoted countless hours toward skillfully and lovingly nurturing the club through its early years. He constantly refined his vision of the club as he learned new ways to promote photography. He solicited fellow photographers to help him in achieving his goal of making the club one of the best camera clubs in the metropolitan Washington area.

Jim considered himself a novice photographer during his early years with the club, however he was a quick study and became a major contender on competition nights. He was a gentle man, never seeking personal recognition for his work with the club. His reward was handing out a ribbon to a first time winner on competition night, to introducing a new member to the club, and seeing the club grow. He did not realize he was gifted with administrative and organizational skills that were the envy of many. While he was a family man devoted to his wife and children, he considered the camera club members his extended family. He was a gracious man who never took himself seriously. On occasion Jim was known to pull a practical joke on a club member. He was a man we all grew to love and respect.

Sadly on October 1, 1994 at an early age of 50, Jim fell victim to a fatal heart attack. The Jim Spor memorial award was established in 1995 as our way to honor Jim for his unlimited devotion to providing a forum where fellow photographers, regardless of their skill, could meet and share their photographic experiences.

Each year the Manassas Warrenton Camera Club honors a member who has supported the MWCC with their efforts to promote photography and enhance the club’s ability to provide a forum where fellow photographers can learn and share their talents, regardless of their skill. This award is given in memory of our founder, James R. M. Spor. Any club member whom you feel exemplifies Jim’s legacy may be nominated for this award.

A Jim Spor Winner will:

  • always willing to learn more about photography
  • always willing to share that knowledge–possibly even doing a little “show and tell”
  • volunteers for various Club duties
  • demonstrates organizational and administrative ability on behalf of the club.
  • tirelessly promotes the club’s interests and seeks to expand the club’s membership.
  • establish and continues MWCC’s participation in the region’s many exhibits and events.

The Jim Spor award is presented to the honoree during the club’s annual banquet.

Also see Don Aker’s article about the early days of the club “A Long Time Ago”.