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Summer Field Trip – Sport Car Photography

Jack Nevitt is organizing a field trip for club members to photograph race cars at Summit Point Raceway, Charlestown, WV. This is a special event planned by the SCCA (Sports Car Club of America). We will be given behind the scenes access to the pit area, the starting point and flagman, and close access to the racetrack.
Basically we’ll have press passes to photograph the races. Race cars will be open wheel cars doing 6 ­15 lap races.There will also be street cars like BMWs and Mustangs to photograph in­ between times. A special thanks goes out to Mike Harrigan, a Summit Point Racer, and the entire SCCA staff for setting this up. This is really a special event just for us.
Date: Aug 2, 2015
Time: 8:30am – 4pm
Place: Summit Point Motorsports Park, Charlestown, WV
Cost: $40
Equipment: You are encouraged to bring both telephoto lenses and wide angle lenses to take full advantage of photo ops.
Non SCCA member fee: Each person who is not an SCCA member that will be in any hot areas needs to purchase a $25 weekend membership for the event and fill out a form. This can be done at the track when checking in at Registration.

Drive time from Manassas is approximately 1:15. We can meet and carpool or just drive up separately. Email me if you are interested and/or want to carpool.

jnevitt47 @

Hunt’s Photography June Specials

As many of you know, Hunts comes to each Nature Visions and offers equipment at good prices. They also have monthly specials that they offer to camera clubs and this is the June email:

I’m writing this to you on Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start of summer! Today in Salem, MA it’s in the 70’s with low humidity and a light breeze. If it could only stay like this all summer. Perfect weather to go out make some photographs!

We have some great specials for you in June so let’s get started:

The Canon Pixma PRO 10 and Pixma PRO 100 continue to be on special with huge mail in rebates!

  • Now through June 30, 2015 or until supplies run out we are offering the Canon Pixma PRO 10 printer at $379.99 before rebate (Canon sells it on their website for $699.99). If you purchase the printer plus a package of 13x19x50 sheets of Canon Semi-Gloss or Luster paper, $50, Canon will send you a $250 mail in rebate! Your final cost is $129.99 plus the paper! Or if you prefer, you can buy the Canon Pixma PRO 100 printer at $269.99 ($499.99 on Canon’s website), buy the paper, $50, and receive a $150 mail in rebate. Your final cost is $119.99 plus the paper.
To place an order for any of these items please call me, Alan Samiljan at 781-662-8822 or you can email me your phone number at


As always, I thank you for your support of Hunt’s and I appreciate your business!

Photographically yours,

Alan Samiljan
huntlogo100 Main St.

Melrose, MA 02176

(781) 662-8822

Follow me on Twitter for the latest deals on used equipment! @AlanAtHunts

New Club Forum Software

Unfortunately, the designer of our club forum software seems to have moved on to other things and it “broke” over the holidays. I’ve archived the old posts (under Old Forum in the menu) and we now have a new forum – this time officially supported by WordPress. I’ve updated the FAQ about how to use it.

The best bit of news is that this one allows for a daily or weekly email of forum posts. To set your preference go to:, login with your club user name and password if needed, and at the foot of that page you will see bbPress Digest Emails. Click the first box to get emails, then choose daily or weekly, the time of day you want the email, and I recommend you choose “All” in the question about which forum to see. Then click Update Profile. You can come back at any time to change your choice.

Please give the new forum a workout and let me know – via a forum post if you can – if you would like other features and I’ll investigate.

Steve Heap

Advanced Photoshop Workshop – January 24th

On Saturday January 24th we are holding an Advanced Photoshop Workshop to be led by Mark Gilvey. The price for members is $35, and you can reserve your place and pay for the workshop here. The workshop will be built around demonstrating how to work on images to improve the final result, and so Mark needs your images in advance to prepare for the session. This is what he says about it (see this site for more details)

“Master landscape photographer, Ansel Adams used to speak about the need for pre-visualization—seeing in your minds eye what the image will look like when printed before you click the shutter release. Sometimes it’s not about the moment that was captured but rather what we envisioned the moment as. If your vision is what you want the viewer to see then you need to expand your skills beyond staying true to the  scene and the moment of capture. My Advanced Photoshop is a workshop designed to do just that.

In this class you will learn :

  • Techniques on how to guide your viewers eye where you want it to go
  • Several masking techniques
  • Working with Curves
  • Local adjustments
  • Keeping things RAW as long as possible
  • What are Smart Objects and how you can use them

Club Social 18 December

Holiday Party and Gift Exchange

On December 18th at the Manassas Police Station, we will again get together for a party and gift exchange.  We will have a social to start.  We’re asking everyone to bring a snack, and the Club will provide soft drinks. Then we will organize a gift exchange. The gifts should be photography related, can be something you have bought specially, or have and wish to donate, and there is no specific value in mind. Try to think of something that someone “might” want to use, although the fun items make for an interesting evening as well.

The rules for the Gift Exchange:


  1. Each participant supplies one wrapped gift and selects a numbered ticket by drawing from a hat. This number determines in what order they will take turns choosing gifts.
  2. People take turns according to their number. The first person can only choose a gift from the table, they open the gift so everyone can see what it is, and then destroy their ticket.
  3. The next person (ticket 2) gets the choice of “stealing” the unwrapped item or choosing a wrapped one from the gift pile. If the second person steals the gift from the first person, then the first person is given the number ticket of the one who took the gift from them – in that way, they will get another go later in the game. If a person takes an unwrapped gift, their number is destroyed.
  4. On the third person’s turn they can then steal an unwrapped item or choose a wrapped one and the game continues like that until everyone has had one turn. At the end of that first round, people will either have a gift or a ticket.
  5. Round two starts with the lowest number remaining ticket. Again, they can choose from the gift table or take an already opened item. Same rules – if they choose from the table, the ticket is destroyed, if they take an opened gift, the other person gets the ticket.
  6. We continue like this until everyone has a gift and there are no more remaining tickets.

7. Finally, to avoid this going on forever, no gift can be stolen more than 3 times. This means that it was originally opened, stolen by player 1, stolen by player 2 from player 1, then finally player 3 takes from player 2 and keeps it. It can’t be taken again.

Adding Club Calendar Events to your Personal Calendar

The Club Calendar supports an interworking function called iCal. What that means in simple terms is that whenever we add a new event to our club calendar, it automatically gets mirrored into your own personal calendar and so you can see at a glance what we have planned. The iCal link is at the foot of the calendar page.

The actual way you will use this depends on what you use for your personal calendar, but here are some links and videos that hopefully will cover some of the more popular options out there.

Subscribe to public calendars using the calendar address

YouTube Videos:
How to: Import an ICS Calendar File to Google Calendar
Syncing a Google Calendar with Microsoft Outlook
Subscribing to Google Calendar on an iOS device

Nature Visions – Juried Images

Everyone who submitted images for Nature Visions should have received an email on 15 October advising them of the results of the judging. If you submitted images but didn’t receive an email, please contact Steve Heap as soon as possible.

Printed submissions, properly and firmly matted are due for collection at our club meeting on 6 November.


Old Club Newsletters Added

We had paper copies of the club newletters back to 1999, and have had a project to scan and upload them all to the club website both as a record and for general interest – it is fascinating to go back and look at some of those earlier issues.

We are pleased to report that all our club newsletters back to the summer of 1999 are now available as PDFs on the website in the archive area of the Newsletters section.

Hope you enjoy occasionally digging back into our history!