Club Project – Open for Submissions

The Club Project, to create and supply printed and matted images to the DeWitt Clinic, is approaching a major milestone – the entry deadline! The Project was more fully defined in this previous post.

Please upload a digital copy of your print to the Competition site into the competition marked “2013-14 Annual Club Project” using the normal image sizing rules – ie max size of 1400 x 1050px. If you are selected, the original file should be capable of printing to a size of around 24 x 20 inches, so please avoid submitting a small crop of an original image as that may not look too good when printed! Please ask for advice if you are not sure – the forum could be a great place for a discussion that all will see.

The closing date for entries is April 3rd – yes, we have given you a few more days! You can submit as many images as you like (the earlier restriction on 2 images has been removed). Our plan is to get the selections back to you before the end of April, and then our club meeting on the third Thursday in May will be organized around showing the printed and matted images with the artist talking about what they liked about the shot, or any special techniques they used to create it.

So, enter now!!