Colorado in September

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    Sue McPherson

    Hi all
    I am looking for three to four photographers who want to go to Colorado in September for the Fall Photographers Train Weekend.

    I have found a Condo in Durango with 3 to 4 bedrooms for about $2000.00 for the week. Split 5 ways that would be $400.00 for the week. The condo has a full kitchen, so we could eat a few meals in.

    Cost for the full day train is $186.00 and the night shoot in the rail yard is $68.00.

    Here is a link to the train info:

    Also not far away is Mesa Verde and the San Juan Mountains skyway with many overlooks and vistas to photograph. It should be prime time for fall color in Colorado

    If you might be interested let me know as soon as possible to I can secure the condo.
    My email is

    Sue McPherson

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