League of Reston Artists

The President of the League of Reston Artists asked if we would bring this to the attention of our club:

At this past week’s Natures Vision event, I spoke with many members of other art and photography groups in the northern Virginia area.   They expressed great interest in the scope of LRA’s exhibition venues and asked for more information.

Over the past few years, we have really expanded our exhibition
opportunities for our members.   We display both painting and
photography at numerous commercial office space, the U S Geological
Survey Building and community centers, throughout the year on a
regular basis.   We do group and solo shows. We are looking at other
exhibition locations in 2014.  As our the end of October of this year,
we have sold over $4,000 worth of paintings and photographs and
provided almost $2,000 in awards for various shows.

LRA has a unique position of showcasing work in one of the fastest
growing areas of Virginia.  If your members would like the chance to
exhibit and sell their work at our various venues, I would like to
invite your members to join the League of Reston Artists (LRA) for the
coming year.

I have attached some additional information about LRA and would be
grateful if you could distribute this to your members.

Our web site is  http://www.leagueofrestonartists.org/home    We are
in the midst of upgrading our on-line payment system, but new members
may still join through the “members link” within our home page and US
mail service.