New Club Forum Software

Unfortunately, the designer of our club forum software seems to have moved on to other things and it “broke” over the holidays. I’ve archived the old posts (under Old Forum in the menu) and we now have a new forum – this time officially supported by WordPress. I’ve updated the FAQ about how to use it.

The best bit of news is that this one allows for a daily or weekly email of forum posts. To set your preference go to:, login with your club user name and password if needed, and at the foot of that page you will see bbPress Digest Emails. Click the first box to get emails, then choose daily or weekly, the time of day you want the email, and I recommend you choose “All” in the question about which forum to see. Then click Update Profile. You can come back at any time to change your choice.

Please give the new forum a workout and let me know – via a forum post if you can – if you would like other features and I’ll investigate.

Steve Heap