Summer Field Trip – Sport Car Photography

Jack Nevitt is organizing a field trip for club members to photograph race cars at Summit Point Raceway, Charlestown, WV. This is a special event planned by the SCCA (Sports Car Club of America). We will be given behind the scenes access to the pit area, the starting point and flagman, and close access to the racetrack.
Basically we’ll have press passes to photograph the races. Race cars will be open wheel cars doing 6 ­15 lap races.There will also be street cars like BMWs and Mustangs to photograph in­ between times. A special thanks goes out to Mike Harrigan, a Summit Point Racer, and the entire SCCA staff for setting this up. This is really a special event just for us.
Date: Aug 2, 2015
Time: 8:30am – 4pm
Place: Summit Point Motorsports Park, Charlestown, WV
Cost: $40
Equipment: You are encouraged to bring both telephoto lenses and wide angle lenses to take full advantage of photo ops.
Non SCCA member fee: Each person who is not an SCCA member that will be in any hot areas needs to purchase a $25 weekend membership for the event and fill out a form. This can be done at the track when checking in at Registration.

Drive time from Manassas is approximately 1:15. We can meet and carpool or just drive up separately. Email me if you are interested and/or want to carpool.

jnevitt47 @