Welcome to Manassas Warrenton Camera Club

The Manassas Warrenton Camera Club (MWCC) is a vibrant community of photographers in the Northern Virginia Area (NOVA).

Our Club Motto:  Have Fun – Take Pictures!

The purpose of our club is to:
– Educate members in technical & other aspects of photography
– Develop the skills of our members
– Foster public awareness of photography
– Promote the art of photography in the community

All in-person club activities are currently suspended.
Competition submissions are still being accepted and will be judged remotely.

Club Meetings

The Club year runs from September through May with an annual awards banquet in June. The first Thursday of the month is Program Night and the third Thursday is Competition Night. On meeting nights, the doors open at 7:00 p.m. and the meeting starts at 7:30 p.m. with a brief business meeting or announcements. Details of the upcoming meetings can be found on the MWCC News page.

Other Club Activities

We use our Meetup group (MWCCMeetupGroup) to post all of our meetings and club activities.

We also organize workshops – both free instructional sessions and paid training workshops, normally subsidized by the club. These events are only open to club members.

Finally, we organize field trips to areas and locations of interest to photographers.

We also have a club FaceBook page (Manassas Warrenton Camera Club).PSA Award

A monthly newsletter, “The Proof Sheet,” is circulated by email to all members and is available on the website (The Proof Sheet). Previous year editions of the Club newsletter are also on the website.


Please come to one of our meetings!

Here are some Club Competition images from our Flickr account.

Mandy Saunders - Twirl Explosion~Mandy Saunders

Manorama Rani~D~A~Manorma Rani-Lonely Eye~8

Mona Rani - Prayer Time~Manorama Rani

Jerry Koons The Hummer~Jerry Koons

Joyce Harman Serenity in the Morning~Joyce Harman

Sarah Skerker~D~A~The Blizzard~7

A-Manorama Rani-Sirajganj~Manorama Rani

Thug Life~Jim Ward

Sunrise on the river~Betsy Perreten

Mini me~Betsy Perreten

Version 2

Alan Skerker Acrobatic Biplane~Alan Skerker

Jerry Koons Palace Gardens~Jerry Koons

Topsy Turbo~Gary Hall

High and Tight~Gary Hall

Thunderbirgs~Gary Hall

Prayer~Manorama Rani

Paper Raven~Betsy Perreten

Gabriel Braunstein Trunk Embrace~Gabriel Braunstein

Alan Skerker Yo-Yo Man~Alan Skerker

Market Day~Alan Skerker

DSCF3986 - Version 2

Evening meeting~Manorama Rani

Shadowy Figure~Gary Hall

No trespassing~Victoria Martin

Moulton Barn~Gary Hall

Roger Cox - Snooze Button Activated~Roger Cox

Tiger Patrol~Gary Hall

Mailpouch WV MWCC Jack Nevitt ADV~Jack Nevitt

WV Wagon MWCC Jack Nevitt ADV~Jack Nevitt

Alan Skerker Jefferson at Dusk~Alan Skerker

A-Manorma Rani-Snake head~Manorama Rani

Sprinkled~Christopher Klene

Longwood Water Lily~Christopher Klene

Art Cole . French Braid~Art Cole

Shade Tree Farm - Deutz with 1100 gal watertank~Christopher Klene

Beach Bum~Christopher Klene

Gull Gate~Christopher Klene

Resident Juvenile Bald Eagle~Christopher Klene

Jerry Koons Jefferson and Cherry Blossoms~Jerry Koons

Blossoms at Sunup~Gary Hall

In the Asylum~Gary Hall

Joyce Harman Baffin Island Sunset~Joyce Harman

Marie Plummer Jan 2019 Advanced Blue Monkey - Africa~Marie Plummer

Belmont Marina Sunrise~Kevin E. Mathews

Birch bark (11946024)~Victoria Martin

Joyce Harman Big Lunch~Joyce Harman

Marie Plummer Advanced Oct 2019 Collared Inca-~Marie Plummer

Joyce Harman Sperryville Farm~Joyce Harman

Bodie Island Lighthouse~Gary Hall